More Than Hair Oil, It's A Movement

Natureโ€™s J.E.M., natural hair oil


Natureโ€™s J.E.M. is for YOU!

Nature's J.E.M. promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff & dry scalp, adds volume to thinning hair, and is a light weight oil FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil. The benefits of each oil are endless.  

Original Scent

@naturesjem, Original Scent gives off a mint aroma due to the tea tree oil ingredient. The light and fresh smell of the original scent  is also soothing and will have your hair smelling good while also promoting healthy tresses. 


Lavender Vanilla Scent

Did you have a long day of work and now want to put your mind at ease while you unwind? Nature's J.E.M. Lavender Vanilla hair oil scent can help. The soothing smell of the Lavender and the sweet smell of Vanilla will put you at ease all while rubbing @naturesjem on your tresses.

I am truly passionate about my natural hair and I love educating other women about their hair as well! This isnโ€™t only about hair. Itโ€™s about being in your truth by allowing yourself to be who you are and ignoring societyโ€™s โ€œbeauty standardsโ€. #CreateYourOwnBeautyStandards #ILoveMyFro


My Hair Journey

August 2015 - June 2017, @NaturesJem  

August 2015 - June 2017, @NaturesJem 


After years of mistreating my hair...

with relaxers, hot combs and flat irons, I finally learned to love my hair for what it was.  On July 16, 2014, I decided to fully embrace my strands. I made the decision to ignore societyโ€™s beauty standards of obtaining bone straight hair because it was โ€œbeautiful.โ€ The day I began my hair journey, I started to learn about my hair and more importantly about myself. Deciding to love my hair in its natural form was eye opening yet empowering. I felt unstoppable knowing that I loved me for me and not because societyโ€™s influences.

When you finally embrace and absolutely adore your curly kinky hair texture after years of being told you have โ€œbad hairโ€ #YouDontMakeMyBeautyStandards #LoveMyMane
— Jordine McLeod, Owner & Creator, @naturesjem

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